Motion Matters werkt graag samen.
Samen om te leren, te ontwikkelen. Dat is een drijfveer bij alle activiteiten.
Zo ontstaan de mooiste dingen.

Rond het jaar 2000 werkte Coen een langere periode in Zuid-Afrika. Ontwikkelingssamenwerking op het gebied van sport. Later is hij vaker teruggeweest. Als sportcoach voor een team op weg naar een internationale status, de nationale selectie Wheelchairrugby. Als docent voor artsen, en paramedici in hun zoektocht naar de beste mobiliteitsadviezen voor rolstoelgebruikers in heel zuidelijk Afrika.

Caroline Rule, occupational therapist en international wheelchairrugby classifier, zegt daar het volgende over:

 “It was such a privilege to travel with Coen on the wheelchair rugby trips.  On his first international trip as the South African coach, I was amazed at his knowledge of wheelchair seating.  I felt like a sponge and took every opportunity to ask him questions about various athletes and their set up in either their sports chairs or day chairs.  Our seating knowledge in South Africa was so poor at that stage and what he taught us made so much sense.  He worked magic with our rugby team.  This was our second international tournament, and the progress that the team made with him as the coach was wonderful to see.  He taught the team a new interpretation of the game and we started to see the tactics coming out on court, which we had never seen before.  We learned on many levels from Coen – the physical training exercises, what was possible for quads and how they should be trained, the optimal seating and set up of each athlete, the tactics and team work and even on a psychological level, how to pull the team together.  

After this first tour, South African Spinal Cord Association invited him to come back to South Africa to run seating workshops around the country to train Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists in the art of correctly setting up a client in a wheelchair.  He was able to provide high tech solutions but could also just as easily give low cost solutions, which were more relevant in our society. Our therapists have never looked back since Coen’s workshops and the seating standards in South Africa have improved dramatically since then.

Thank you Coen for always being so willing to share your knowledge and passion with us in south Africa.”


Daar waar samenwerking tot ontwikkeling leidt, kan Motion Matters ook een steentje bijdragen. Ik leer ook graag!


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